First Responder Equipment provided by ADS

In cases of emergencies such as fire tragedies, road accidents or flooding, first responder equipment comes in handy to help save lives. In 1979, a local dive shop was founded in Virginia to provide training and diving equipment in Virginia Beach. The local shop (LDC) worked with Navy SEAL thus enhancing its relationship with the Federal Government. Years later, the shop would transform into a leading company with a clear focus on serving the need of government customers in 1998. This marked the birth of Atlantic Diving Supply (ADS). Since then, the company has been supplying various equipment to the Navy Seals and the military.
Apart from serving the Defense department, ADS also supplies equipment to first responders, Humanitarian Organizations, prime contractors and Federal Government Agencies. To them, it is not just about having the right gear at the right moment but more of sustainability and working closely with their customers to enable them to acquire the right equipment to overcome whatever challenge may be facing them. More than a quarter of their staff have worked with the military or come from the military or have served as responders enabling serve their customers better since they understand very well what their needs are.
ADS provide their customers with a range of first responder equipment that enhances proper operations in times of disaster. Their equipment enhances rescue missions while at the same time protecting the responder from whatsoever the danger. No one would want to imagine being stuck in a situation whereby they are in danger and the first responder looks at them helplessly due to lack of proper gear. As such, ADS also provides services ranging from packaging related products, quality assurance, training, and assembly.
Some of their first responder equipment include; fire rehab trailer kit, fire rehab vehicle kit and fire rehab kart kit that can be used in cases of fire emergencies. They also provide various types of fire extinguisher to be used in varying situations such as; vehicle mounted extinguisher, Purple K dry chemical and Purple K and CO2 wheeled fire extinguisher. Other equipment includes masks such as C50 mask twin port and FM53 mask assembly. Besides all those, ADS also supplies other responder equipment such as baby enforcer door ram, CBRN filters, outsert assembly, cartridges and canisters, carbon cylinders, thermal imaging camera, voice amplifiers and much more.