Fun New Exercise Trends

Fun New Exercise Trends

Exercise can seem like a drag, which is why it’s important to make sure someone keeps things spicy. Of course it’s important not to just jump on every trend that shows up, but some of these trends are actually worth looking into.

Home Body Weight Exercises

All that’s old is new again, and that includes exercising at home. For those who are tired of buying every complex piece of home-gym equipment there is and then not using it because it isn’t working, there’s a slew of exercises that can be done at home. From the plank to the push up working out at home and looking great is becoming the next big thing, again.

Yoga (In All Its Forms)

Yoga has also been around for decades, but it’s transformed from a lightweight exercise regimen to something for those who are serious about losing weight, gaining flexibility, and handling anything life has to throw at them. Endorsed by the army for veterans with both mental and physical problems resulting from injuries sustained in the line of duty, newer yoga has much of the philosophy boiled out of it, leaving behind a strong, solid exercise regimen that everyone can enjoy.


Popular among the high-intensity crowd, Speedflex uses machines that respond to the amount of force someone puts into them. This means that whether you’re strong or weak, experienced or new, you can get into a class and get results out of what you’re doing fairly quickly. These seven machines take a total of 45 minutes to complete, giving individuals roughly a few minutes at each machine, and then a short break moving to the next one. The result is a lot of burned calories, and one heck of a sweat.

Zumba Step

For those who thought the Zumba craze was over, it’s really anything but. A fun, dance-style workout regimen that is intense while burning a lot of calories and sweating out all of the unwanted things in participant’s pores, Zumba Step is, pardon the pun, a step up. Zumbe Step still utilizes all the fast-paced action of traditional Zumba (which is weird to say given that Zumba itself is still fairly new as an exercise craze), but it incorporates a step so that participants aren’t just going back and forth on a level surface. This increases the difficulty, requires more moves, and overall makes people work that much harder during class.