Geriatric Care, Made Easy With Proven Best Results for Seniors

When it comes to elder patient care that is proven effective and compassionate, the gold standard is JenCare Richmond, say seniors and family members commenting online. In fact, JenCare is a recognized leader in neighborhood medical centers that cater to the needs of seniors and others needing specialized in home healthcare. The company is a family owned specialty and primary care service at 25 locations.

JenCare’s Richmond, VA, neighborhood medical center, is one good example of superior healthcare being delivered to “Medicare-eligible seniors” in this region of the country were patient services are trending.

JenCare offers proven best senior care services

The JenCare Neighborhood Medical Centers were founded by famed Dr. Jenling James Chen who was inspired by his own personal experiences with life threatening illness to develop a new way of providing top quality medical services for those in need. Doctor Chen’s focu s is to offer coordinated and empathetic coordinated healthcare to seniors as if they were members of the family. This “patient promise” works based on numerous testimonials from JenCare clients.

Best primary care for elder patients

The great thing about JenCare is its fully trained and certified healthcare team that oversees various aspects of a client’s medical needs.

JenCare services include:

  • A primary care specialist (PCP) to monitor a client’s meds and other healthcare needs.
  • Onsite medical diagnostic tests coordinated with doctors and other specialists.
  • A fully range of preventive and primary care services in one user friendly location.
  • Doctor-to-doctor transportation, and specialized services such as vision care and acupuncture.

In general, JenCare is a ful-service neighborhood medical center that serves the specialized needs of seniors in the community.

JenCare medical specialties proven effective

At the end of the day, seniors and others choose JenCare because it is the gold standard for trusted patient care. The medical specialties on offer include behavioral health, cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology and patient focused health care case management.

Overall, there has never been a better time for a senior needing home healthcare to contact JenCare for its many proven coordinated medical related services.