Managing Your Loved One’s Diabetes

When your parent or loved one has diabetes, there are many things to consider including treatment options and ways to manage the disease. With type 2 diabetes there are some methods for prevention that should be discussed and implemented. It is important to make sure to check blood sugar levels frequently and to be tested yearly for type 2 diabetes. Some preventative measures include maintaining a healthy weight.

Checking your BMI and in some cases reducing your body weight by 7% can significantly increase your odds of finding of type 2 diabetes. Also, be sure to exercise regularly at least for at least 10 minutes a day daily. Be sure to eat a healthy amount of food. Be sure and eat healthy meals and plan a well-balanced diet. Getting enough fiber is also imperative for your system to digest and operate correctly. If you need medicine be sure to keep up-to-date and make sure to set a reminder to take medicine when it’s scheduled to be taken.

Maintaining an overall healthy and active lifestyle is the best way to combat and prevent type 2 diabetes. If someone you love does develop this disease, there are some simple lifestyle changes that will manage and lessen the impacts associated with type 2 diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes requires additional precautions and lifestyle changes. Things to consider include realizing that type 1 diabetes requires lifelong insulin therapy. People with type 1 diabetes need to have their diet managed closely. Prevention of hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia is essential as failure to control these can result in some serious health issues.

Educate yourself on how and when to administer insulin if the loved one is unable to deliver it for themselves. Unfortunately, elderly individuals may forget or not recognize that it is time to administer insulin therapy. Close monitoring of the patient is crucial to be able to recognize a sugar imbalance in the individual. Sudden changes in sugar can have serious results and can cause coma or even death.

Arming yourself with knowledge and a plan of action will give you and your love one confidence to control diabetes and live a normal healthy lifestyle.