Men’s College Lacrosse Teams

Men’s College Lacrosse has been around since 1877, when the very first intercollegiate match of men’s lacrosse was played. The game between New York University and the Manhattan college men’s lacrosse teams on November 22, 1877 was the introduction of the sport to the national on a collegiate level. The sport spread further during the 1890’s, but the first lacrosse tournament was held in 1881 between Princeton and Harvard with Harvard winning three to zero. In today’s world the NCAA holds the Lacrosse championships for all three Divisions (1, 2, and 3) in men’s and women’s competition. Totaling at 375 Women’s programs and 296 men’s programs in the NCAA.

Lacrosse is played by having two teams (of 10 players each) face off against each other, the purpose of the game is to score by throwing the small rubber ball into the opponents net by using the Crosse (stick with a net on the end used to capture and fling the ball into play). If a team cannot produce ten athletes the game is a forfeit and counts as a loss, but if the team doesn’t show up the game counts as a no contests and is taken off the record. The field they play on is 110 yards long and 60 yards wide, with the boundaries marked by white lines.

A great example of a stellar lacrosse team and program is the Loyola Greyhounds of the University of Maryland. They are a Division one program who won the entire NCAA tournament in 2012, as well as winning there conference in 2014. They have seen 22 NCAA tournament appearances starting in 1979 and feature recent standout players like Sean Hecker. The greyhounds just moved into the Patriot league for the first year last year in 2014. They transferred out of the ECAC Lacrosse League where they were a part of since 2005. Before that they were mostly an independent school. Some of the big names to come out of Loyola would consist of Matt shearer, Mike Batista and Jamie Hanford, these men were the last guys to enter the MLL (Major League Lacrosse) from Loyola. The head coach is Charley Toomey, who has had ten seasons with the greyhounds as head coach. Coach Toomey and the greyhounds are currently 7 and 6 overall record being 5 and 2 within the conference. There next game is on the 17th of April at 7 pm against Bucknell. This is their last regular season game leading into the patriot league championship series.