Physician Elected President of AAAS

Dr. Margaret Hamburg was recently announced as president-elect for the American Association for the Advancement of Science or AAAS, started her term in February of 2017. Dr. Hamburg is a foreign secretary of the National Academy of Medicine as well as board member of the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy. These roles she continues to hold as well as the new AAAS president-elect role.

Dr. Hamburg spoke of the importance of the role of science in our lives today. Dr. Hamburg said that this is “an exciting time” and “we must all work together to ensure that vital scientific discoveries continue and that they are translated as swiftly and effectively as possible into real-world products and interventions that will make a difference for people. More than ever, we must support, educate and advocate for the essential role that science plays in our lives and our future.”

Dr. Hamburg’s background stems from being assistant secretary for planning and evaluation at the US Department of Health during President Bill Clinton’s term as well as Vice President and senior scientist at the Nuclear Threat Initiative. After these prestigious jobs, Dr. Hamburg went on to work at the FDA, focusing on lowering tobacco use and ensuring food safety.

The Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy’s goal is to gather the best scientists, clinicians and experts in researching cancer immunotherapy. In order to do this, they have six centers, over 63 labs and more than 300 researchers all trying to find immune therapies that can turn fight cancer.

Dr. Hamburg’s work at the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy as well as her previous experience in the FDA, US Department of Health and Nuclear Threat Initiative make her an extremely valuable asset to the research that the Parker Institute strives for and will only aid her in her new role as president-elect for the AAAS.