Places to Spin in Washington, DC this Winter

Although winter is slowly approaching, it does not mean that it is time to quit your daily workouts. Spring break is only a couple months away, which means no days off!


The best way to maintain a workout regimen is to find a workout that you find fun and enjoy. One of the best workouts that have become popular among all ages is spining. There are many different places in the nation’s capital to spin. Well known studios, Zengo, SoulCycle, and FlyWheel all have different focuses so try them all to see what works for you!



Soul as riders often refer to it is very much the same as Zengo. It has the instructors motivating you the main difference is that it has a focus on the inner soul and features candles and other soul seeking motivational comments throughout the workout. SoulCycle has a large Celebrity following, with many celebrities rushing to attend classes and even celebrities giving SoulCycle packages as gifts such as, Yousef Al Otaiba ( If you want to be in the “in” crowd and follow the height of this trend, SoulCycle is your place to go.


Zengo Cycle

Zengo is a full body workout that not only focuses on energizing the legs, abs, and arms but also focuses on you pushing out all of the stress in your life through various breathing exercises. Not only are the people in the class working on their physical health they are also helping to improve their mental health. Mix this along with a dark room and blaring loud club music, you will be asking to come back the next day for a workout no matter how sore you are.



While Flywheel is often more popular in the south it has made its way up north, featuring an aspect that no other cycle studio possesses. Flywheel features a stadium arrangement of seating which gives each rider a more individualized experience while being able to see the instructor more clearly. Flywheel also features a screen at the front of each class so the riders have the ability to track the distance they have ridden and the amount of calories they have burnt compared to the rest of the class.


As you can see there are many different places that you can enjoy this new workout for the winter and no matter which you choose you are guaranteed to have a good time!