Staying Fit while Vacationing in Grand Cayman

A popular fitness quote, which I think encompasses all that there is to say about fitness is, “Wow, I really regret that workout,” says No One Ever. The truth is that rarely do people regret a workout after they are finished. The reason why you might ask? Working out releases endorphins, which cause you to feel a “natural high” and in turn, links to happy feelings.

Working out has become a part of my daily routine and the reality is I don’t quite feel like myself without a good workout. This means that even when I go on vacation it is very important that I stick to this routine in order to keep my mood in check.

My family is traveling to Grand Cayman for a vacation this summer and I wanted to ensure that there were going to be workout options for me. I enjoy cardio, but I feel like the best workouts come from classes where I can be pumped up by music and inspired by those around me.

One of Grand Cayman’s town centers, Camana Bay, is not too far from our hotel and has two great workout options, which will definitely do the job.

Camana Bay has an Anytime Fitness and a CrossFit Cayman located in it, which offer a wide range of workouts. The beauty of the Anytime Fitness is that it is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week, so I can fit my workout in at any hour and don’t have to ruin any family activities. This way my husband and I will be able to attend a Body Pump class in the morning and then not feel guilty about drinking margaritas on the beach in the afternoon.

Not to mention, the shopping options in Grand Cayman seem amazing at Camana Bay and pleasing for my whole family. Sounds like we might want to extend our family vacation in Grand Cayman for something a little longer than five nights…