Test it Out

When it comes to HIV and STD testing you should definitely get tested if you think you could possibly have either. STD’s and the testing for them are sometimes seen as a stigma in society. Central Park Medical Associates in Midtown Manhattan does an excellent job of not only keeping everything confidential, but also returning results to you in the same day. For HIV testing they can return the results in 15 minutes. Yes, that is right, 15 minutes!

This summer if you are interning, working or living in New York you should definitely make an appointment at Central Park Medical Associates, if you are sexually active and think that you could be at risk. Another one of the major perks of Central Park Medical Associates is that they don’t even need your full name to complete the tests. What is more anonymous than that?

Central Park Medical Associates is a part of a larger facility called Advanced Dermatology Associates, which has both a dermatology and medical practice. The Medical Director at both Central Park Medical Associates and Advanced Dermatology Associates is Dr. Lawrence Jaeger, who is board certified in dermatology (see more from Dr. Lawrence Jaeger, Mother Nature MD). All of the doctors in the practice at Central Park Medical Associates are board certified doctors as well and together have over 100 years of medical experience.

Help break down the stigma against STD and HIV testing by suggesting to your friends that it is safe to get tested and take care of your body.