Vegan Restaurant Options Near Philly (NJ Suburbs)

Esti’s Besty’s Vegetarian Restaurant in Cherry Hill, NJ is an excellent choice. Their selection of salads is extraordinary and their falafel with hummus or Spanish eggplant is a vegans dream. The falafel is whole grain, homemade, and the perfect texture. Their pizza is made from scratch with several tasty options and the food is always hot and fresh. They offer amazing stuffed grape leaves, shakshuka, and divine soups. The best part is the menu is extremely accommodating to vegetarians and vegans. The restaurant is casual and perfect for a nice sit down meal. Vegan cuisine is increasing in popularity and there are numerous and delicious options in the Jersey suburbs, close to Philadelphia.

B.Good in Marlton, NJ offers a fast casual experience with a number of vegan options, from salads, to bowls, to veggie burgers. There are also many substitutions that can be made to meals, like veggies instead of bread on a sandwich, or tofu in lieu of meat. Their menu also sources from local farms and purveyors, which makes them a great farm-to-table choice. One of their most popular dishes is the power bowl, which includes the option of quinoa or super grains mix with kale, sesame carrots, Brussels sprouts, crunchy chickpeas, pepitas, and tomato vinaigrette. Their veggie burgers can be topped with a variety of options; one of which is the ‘West Side’, a mix of avocado, cilantro, fresh salsa, chipotle puree, and lime.

For sensational Indian food, Tiffin in Cherry Hill is where you want to be. Their spices are extraordinary and you can choose mild, medium, or spicy. They serve an exceptional garlic Naan and one of their specialties is a coconut cauliflower with chutneys and tamarind sauce that is divine. The vegetable samosas are filled with flavor and the desserts should not be missed. The restaurant is simple, casual, and the atmosphere is relaxed. The menu has a lot of options for vegans in search of an excellent meal.

Naked Lunch is all vegan and offers a smoothie and juice bar. Their dumplings can be either fried or steamed and have the perfect texture. Their jammed yam is made with a jalapeno dressing that adds a unique and delightful flavor. They have a wide variety of dressings and sauces available to accommodate everyone’s taste buds and the food is organic, healthy, and fresh. If you desire something that is not on the menu you can make your own so the choices are nearly endless. The Korean noodles are filled with tofu, spam, and mushrooms for an incredible meal.

Vegan meals should be tasty, healthy, and have an amazing flavor. So place your order and prepare yourself for an aroma that will have your mouth watering and your taste buds singing.