Where To Find The Best Spas in Jamaica

Jamaica is a beautiful Caribbean island where many people travel with the intent of finding relaxation and renewal. The spas in Jamaica are a popular destination for many vacationers. There are a variety of spas to choose from in Jamaica. You will be able to locate many of the best spas within luxurious all-inclusive resort settings in and near Negril, Jamaica.

One of the reasons Jamaica is the Caribbean destination for many travelers is because it is lined with mountains and beaches. Hot springs are also dotted along the area. This combination makes it a breathtaking environment for a warm spa getaway.

One of the top spas in Jamaica is JenCare Day Spa. JenCare Day Spa was founded 30 years ago. It is located in Kingston, Jamaica in a beautiful, relaxing setting. What sets JenCare Day Spa apart from its competitors is its famous products and professional experience. Enjoy an onsite salon for men and women and a facial room. My favorite thing about this spa is they offer a healthy, delicious deli where you can grab a bite to eat.

Another popular spa is the Spa at Rockhouse Hotel. It is a reasonably priced boutique hotel near Negril. It is also close to Seven-Mile Beach. I love the location of this spa, which is on the cliff of Pristine Cove. The setting is quiet which is exactly what I wanted to enjoy their spa atmosphere. An open air pool surrounds their three treatment rooms. The spa also incorporates Caribbean Essential Oils for an experience that wowed my senses.

Another top spa is Round Hill, Montego Bay, Jamaica. Round Hill has been providing professional spa services since 1953. It is located on 30 acres of private shoreline, for a breathtaking view. The spa is also set in a historic plantation home, which I think makes it very quaint and homey.

The Ritz-Carlton Golf & Resort Spa, Montego Bay, Jamaica, is another option for a spa get away. I could see the beach from this large hotel, which is located the perfect distance from the ocean. I had a wonderful massage as I listened to the waves meet the shore. The Ritz-Carlton caters to business travelers so I knew they would provide quality services.

Jamaica is synonymous with palm trees, the ocean and beauty. That is also what you will find as you look for the perfect Jamaican spa. It is not hard to find a spa, and the ones I experienced were all top notch selections.