New Diet Trends for Health and Wellness

When it comes to weight loss, choosing the right plan can be confusing. There are hundreds of diets, and it seems like a new one is revealed every day. The following are some fresh new plans meant for both weight loss and long-lasting health.

The Ornish Diet

The Ornish diet claims that dieters will not just lose weight, but that the diet helps to lower both blood pressure and cholesterol, prevent diabetes and heart disease, and can also aid in preventing both breast and prostate cancer.

The Ornish diet puts food into five different groups, from the least healthy to the most. From there, you can analyze which group you typically eat from, and then decide what changes should be made to eat healthier. The diet promotes aerobic exercises and resistance training, as well as stress release, such as yoga, medication, or deep breathing. Family support is also greatly encouraged.

The DASH Diet

DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. Supporters of the diet claim that this diet causes weight loss while lowering and/or preventing hypertension (high blood pressure).

The DASH diet is straightforward and not unlike many plans in the past. Simply consume the foods that the experts have always encouraged the public to eat, such as leafy vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins. Leave out the salt and other high calorie food, such as candy, fried and fast foods, and red meat. Overall, the diet has been shown to increase the amount of good HDL cholesterol and decrease the bad cholesterol, which helps prevent heart disease.

The Flexitarian Diet

The Flexitarian diet is a combination of “flexible” and “vegetarian”. This diet promotes the belief that you don’t have to be a full-time vegetarian to reap the rewards of the lifestyle, and that you can still have lean meats in moderation.

The Flexitarian diet adds five food groups, and totals about 1,500 calories a day. These five food groups are: lean meats, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy, sugar and spices. The claim for this diet is that those who have followed it weigh 15 percent less than those who don’t, live 3.6 years longer, and have a decreased risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

It may be tempting to choose a plan that promotes rapid weight loss, but it’s better to find one that helps your health in the long run, as well. Choosing a diet plan with the help of a doctor or professional is a wise choice.

Clean Eating for Healthy Living

It’s no secret that what you eat has a major affect on your health. Too much of the wrong kinds of foods can cause a wide variety of health problems including heart disease, diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol, among other things. The problem is that most people have become accustomed to eating unhealthy foods as a matter of convenience. Fast food restaurants offer a lot of quick and tasty meals that are unfortunately, often unhealthy. Similarly, supermarkets sell a lot of processed meals that contain a great deal of unhealthy additives.

The key to clean eating for healthy living is simply eating less of the bad foods and more of the good foods. It sounds simple because it is. Anyone can immediately change their eating habits to enjoy healthier living. The first step is to be aware of the kinds of foods that you are eating. The next time that you are at the supermarket read the labels on the prepackaged foods that you normally buy. You will be surprised to see a long list of strange sounding additives that are in the food. By replacing these processed foods with healthier alternatives you can immediately begin to take control of your diet and living a more healthy life.

What Not to Eat

The list of foods that experts recommend that you should avoid is often very long. However, you can start out by limiting your consumption of certain types of foods to increase your health. First, you should avoid any of the highly processed prepackaged foods mentioned above. For example, make your own homemade macaroni and cheese using whole wheat pasta and natural cheese instead of buying the packaged version which contains all of the additives. You also want to eat less of products that are made using refined grains and products made with sugar and salt added.

What to Eat

You want to eat a diet that is heavy on fruits, vegetables and whole grains. A diet that consists of fruits and vegetables will go a long way in ensuring that you get an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals in your daily diet. Buy organically grown fruits and vegetables when you can. You should also eat more fish and white meat and eat less red meat. You can also make your own fruit and vegetable juices at home to ensure that you are drinking a pure product.

You can start clean eating for healthy living today and enjoy the immediate benefits of good nutrition. When you eliminate the poor food choices from your diet and start eating healthy, you will start to feel better right away.

The Ultimate Summer Workouts

Having a perfect beach body frame for the upcoming summer, may seem to set the right work-tone in terms of fitness. However, there is some tough work to be done; for example a full body workout utilizes both cardio exercises and High Intensity Resistant Training options. Performing weight resistance training is perhaps the best way to burn calories and excess fat in the body compared to cardio only exercises. According to research if you decide to spend time on the gym, a combination of high octane exercise transitions between cardio workouts and weights will suffice in attaining credible end-time results.

Rest intervals in the gym can be complimented by performing rope jumps, riding stationary bike or working out with any available cardio machine. It is crucial, however, to keep the weights on the lighter side and also execute more reps to prevent over-training or fatigue. You can also adjoin a number of techniques into your workout routine; including super-setting minimalist exercises according to the H.I.T principles. This should be done gradually and step-by-step instead of immersing the whole body instantaneously; the workout should be gradual but focused and consistent.

Preparing for the summer fun; means that your beach and pool days are just around the corner. The summer workout routine also incorporates a meal plan that sets you up on small meal portions, all throughout the day to keep your metabolism running high and fast. Some of the foods to take include oatmeal, fat free milk, honey, low-carb protein shake, lean white meat, vegetable and brown rice. Other foods to incorporate in your meal plan are fruits and vegetable sticks such as celery, cucumber and broccoli. This meal plan should be spread over several days in a manner that makes it balanced.

On a typical day, your workout routine may include the following workouts; for the chest you use the press machine, for the back and biceps you use wide-grip lat pull-down machine and the biceps curl machine. To exercise your triceps, shoulders and legs you use rope press-downs, military press machine and leg curls and extension exercises and equipments respectively. For the abs, you use the abdominal crunch machine. It always vital to develop a workout schedule and commit to it, in order to attain positive results and also remember that the most valuable asset in your summer workout plans are your imaginations and not necessary attending a fancy gym.

Fun New Exercise Trends

Exercise can seem like a drag, which is why it’s important to make sure someone keeps things spicy. Of course it’s important not to just jump on every trend that shows up, but some of these trends are actually worth looking into.

Home Body Weight Exercises

All that’s old is new again, and that includes exercising at home. For those who are tired of buying every complex piece of home-gym equipment there is and then not using it because it isn’t working, there’s a slew of exercises that can be done at home. From the plank to the push up working out at home and looking great is becoming the next big thing, again.

Yoga (In All Its Forms)

Yoga has also been around for decades, but it’s transformed from a lightweight exercise regimen to something for those who are serious about losing weight, gaining flexibility, and handling anything life has to throw at them. Endorsed by the army for veterans with both mental and physical problems resulting from injuries sustained in the line of duty, newer yoga has much of the philosophy boiled out of it, leaving behind a strong, solid exercise regimen that everyone can enjoy.


Popular among the high-intensity crowd, Speedflex uses machines that respond to the amount of force someone puts into them. This means that whether you’re strong or weak, experienced or new, you can get into a class and get results out of what you’re doing fairly quickly. These seven machines take a total of 45 minutes to complete, giving individuals roughly a few minutes at each machine, and then a short break moving to the next one. The result is a lot of burned calories, and one heck of a sweat.

Zumba Step

For those who thought the Zumba craze was over, it’s really anything but. A fun, dance-style workout regimen that is intense while burning a lot of calories and sweating out all of the unwanted things in participant’s pores, Zumba Step is, pardon the pun, a step up. Zumbe Step still utilizes all the fast-paced action of traditional Zumba (which is weird to say given that Zumba itself is still fairly new as an exercise craze), but it incorporates a step so that participants aren’t just going back and forth on a level surface. This increases the difficulty, requires more moves, and overall makes people work that much harder during class.

Eating Healthy for that Beach Body

Summer is quickly approaching and with that comes the panic and fear (for some) of being in a swimsuit again. Winter has helped hide some of the holiday weight gain or just winter weight gain in general, but with warmer temperatures comes less clothing…so it is time to prepare your body. Many think exercise alone will get you in the shape you want to be in, but the role of your diet is just as important. What you eat immensely affects how you look and feel.

It is true what they say…”breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Beginning your day on a healthy note sets a good precedence for the rest of your day. It, also, helps control cravings that you may have later in the day and are not as capable of fending off. Your breakfast should consist of protein and fiber to help you fill up and stay full. Foods such as yogurt, eggs and oatmeal are great staples in a good breakfast. Adding berries to your yogurt or cottage cheese to your scrambled eggs makes it that much healthier and tastier.

Your lunch should fill you up enough to make it through the day, but not stuff you to the point of falling asleep at your desk. Salads with lean meats like turkey and chicken are excellent options that do not add a ton of calories. Be careful of salad toppings though because calories can add up fast. Going light on cheese and nixing the croutons can help drop the pounds and keep them off. If salad is not a favorite, try a turkey or chicken breast sandwich on whole grain bread with veggies and mustard.

Dinner should once again satisfy, but not stuff. Eating lean meat or fish aids in the feeling full sensation without packing on the calories. Throw some steamed, grilled or raw vegetables on the side and a a small portion of potatoes or pasta and you have a well-balanced meal. An important factor in dinner is eating it a few hours before going to bed; not right before bed.

Following a healthy meal is ideal, but for those times certain temptations cannot be avoided remember portion control. Portion size is equally important to what foods are actually going in the body. If you eat smaller portions and healthier portions, your beach body should arrive just in time.

Summer Ready Swimming Workouts

We all know that swimming is one of the best workouts that you can take part in. Swimming works so effectively because it gives the body a chance to use a variety of different muscles that it normally might not have the opportunity to use. This is because of the changed bodily positions that are swimmers are required to assume to best move through the water. Additionally, swimming is a low impact aerobic exercise, making it perfect for people who suffer from joint or bone pain when participating of other more typical aerobic activities. To get that coveted bikini body this summer, we’ve provided some excellent swimming workouts to get your body in shape for the season.

First, try a beginning workout to see where you stand in the water. Try doing the following: begin with 150 meters of your best stroke at a moderate pace (Note that in most lap swimming pools, the distance of the pool is 25 meters. 150 meters, is therefore 6 lengths in a standard pool). Next, grab a kick board and complete another 100 meters to give your arms a rest and use that opportunity to work your legs. After completing this exercise followed by a short rest. Get back in the water and complete another 50 meters of the stroke of your choice, but do so a more intense level than before. Really try and get your heart rate up during this period. Once you finish this, complete a final 100 meters at a very slow swim in the stroke of your choice.

Completing this basic sequence will help you gauge your fitness level and serve as a beginning point for your future swims. If you found this workout difficult, continue to use it for several more weeks before increasing the workload. If you found it rather easy, you can increase the distance you swim during the swim periods as well as transition to more difficult strokes like the fly and the backstroke which will serve as more effective aerobic exercises as well as work your muscles harder.

Before partaking in any of the suggested activities, make sure to check with your doctor and get recommendations on how to best improve the condition of your body. Additionally, make sure to use a comfortable swimsuit to avoid chaffing and goggles to avoid damage to your eyes. In no time, you’ll begin to see the benefits of this top notch exercise as you prepare for the summer season.

Swimming Strokes to Do

Watch any swimming competition consisting of serious competitors and you’ll notice a few things. Of those things, will be the condition of the athletes, especially the professionals. They are fit and muscular, from the core, to the arms and legs. Swimming is an amazing exercise, whether one practices it professionally or not, it should be considered in any healthy living agenda. There are copious amounts of benefits of swimming, and it is an easy thing to do, while not being tough on the joints of the body. Certain exercises may be preferred over others, but one can’t deny the greatness of swimming.

It is important to sprinkle in different strokes into your weekly swimming routines. This will not only make your exercises less stale, but work different muscles. Push through the dense water with the backstroke. Make sure to be on your back with the eyes looking vertical and towards the ceiling of your fitness center, or the great sky above. To try and build endurance, start at about 600 yards when you just start and gradually build endurance from there. And if you are unable to do that, do as many laps as you can, taking breaks if necessary. The key is to exercise and get fit, not strain yourself by exerting yourself at an unhealthy level. Lay back and go for some laps using the backstroke, going in different intervals as you get better at the swimming position. The backstroke, like most swimming techniques, uses a wide variety of muscles all throughout the body, including the hamstrings and quadriceps in the legs and the biceps and triceps in the arms.

The breaststroke is another fantastic stroke to get you swimming laps in the pool. Most of the major muscle groups are used in completing the breaststroke and it requires coordination. Start in the water with your legs and arms fully extended. Bend the knees and raise the hips a bit, while moving your arms back and to the side.

Another great swimming exercise is the basic freestyle form. It is simply done by kicking the legs and moving the arms in an overhead forward motion. This is the fastest of the major swimming strokes and can come naturally. All of these work outs will burn several calories, while working the major muscle groups in the body without having a harmful impact on the joints.

Swimming for Health and Fitness

Swimming has long been recognized as a great way to get exercise. It is not only fun and refreshing to get into a pool of water, it is a great way to get into shape. Swimming has so many benefits for the entire body that many physicians think it just may be the most perfect form of exercise. When you swim, you use practically every muscle in your body. This gives you a true, full-body workout, including your heart.

Swimming for exercise can be done in either an indoor, or outdoor pool. If you have access to an indoor pool, you can do this type of exercise year ‘round. Many gyms offer affordable prices for memberships that allow you access to their gym pool. Another benefit of joining a gym for swimming, is the fact that they offer a range of swimming, exercise classes. If you don’t want to just swim on your own and do your own exercises in the pool, you can join an array of classes. You will surely find one that fits your needs.

Swimming is a great exercise to get your heart rate up, which is needed to help you lose weight. Swimming is easy on your muscles and joints, which makes it difficult to injure them while swimming. You can also burn a lot of calories in a water workout, which is needed to help you shed unwanted pounds.

Swimming will help you to strengthen your heart and lungs. Unlike some sports and exercises, you may get very winded while participating in the exercise. With swimming, you can get a good workout, without having to overexert yourself. You can gain muscle, strength, and stamina, all while not having to sweat and be exhausted at the end of your workout.

Along with the many physical benefits of swimming, there are also plenty of mental and emotional benefits. Swimming raises your endorphin level, which gives you a good sense of mental wellbeing. It is relaxing, rejuvenating, and refreshing, which will help to energize you. While you are exercising, you can let your cares and worries simply float away. If you are looking for a good workout, without all the pain and strain, try swimming for it.