Where To Find The Best Spas in Jamaica

What sets JenCare Day Spa apart from its competitors is its famous products and professional experience. Enjoy an onsite salon for men and women and a facial room. My favorite thing about this spa is they offer a healthy, delicious deli where you can grab a bite to eat.

Tips to improve your game from a Pro Golfer

Golf suddenly becomes infinitely more interesting when you lower your golf score. No longer do you dread going out to hit the ball with a group of friends, but you start looking for excuses to go to the links. There are several tips that you can use to lower your golf score. Tip 1: Know Your Weaknesses Every player has strengths and weaknesses. When a player stops and inspects their weaknesses, then they know where they need to improve. An easy way to start your analysis is to keep statistics on your fairways hit, greens in regulation, short game up and downs and total putts. You can even find apps that will help you analyze your game providing you a handicap for each part of the game. Tip 2: Practice your Preshot Routine It is impossible to be successful at the game of golf if you do not control your body’s alignment and the ball’s position. Start by creating a preshot routine that works for you. Start with the ball between your left heel and the center of your body when you stand with your left foot slightly ahead of your right foot. Tip 3: Control the Clubface Many players report that the largest change in their game occurred when they learned to control their clubface. Start by gripping the club in your normal fashion, then twist your right hand so that it faces away from you in the backswing. As you swing through your shot, make sure that your right hand continues facing away from you the entire time. Tip 4: Power the Shot with Your Torso Too...

More Evidence Blood Test May Detect Concussions

The study involved patients at one hospital in Florida and the results are preliminary — a concussion blood test based on the two proteins studied or on other so-called biomarkers under review is likely at least a few years away from routine use.