Tips to improve your game from a Pro Golfer

Golf suddenly becomes infinitely more interesting when you lower your golf score. No longer do you dread going out to hit the ball with a group of friends, but you start looking for excuses to go to the links. There are several tips that you can use to lower your golf score. Tip 1: Know Your Weaknesses Every player has strengths and weaknesses. When a player stops and inspects their weaknesses, then they know where they need to improve. An easy way to start your analysis is to keep statistics on your fairways hit, greens in regulation, short game up and downs and total putts. You can even find apps that will help you analyze your game providing you a handicap for each part of the game. Tip 2: Practice your Preshot Routine It is impossible to be successful at the game of golf if you do not control your body’s alignment and the ball’s position. Start by creating a preshot routine that works for you. Start with the ball between your left heel and the center of your body when you stand with your left foot slightly ahead of your right foot. Tip 3: Control the Clubface Many players report that the largest change in their game occurred when they learned to control their clubface. Start by gripping the club in your normal fashion, then twist your right hand so that it faces away from you in the backswing. As you swing through your shot, make sure that your right hand continues facing away from you the entire time. Tip 4: Power the Shot with Your Torso Too...

Staying in the Game all Year Round

There are many ways that golfers can stay in shape while being in the off season. The off season is a very important part of a golfer’s schedule, as it can be the time when physical and mental gains can be made. Experienced golfers use their off season smartly so that they can become even better athletes when it is time for them to enter a tournament. Most golfers will continue to work on their swing throughout their time off. Even if they live somewhere where the weather is cold, they will take their clubs indoors to keep their golf swing strong. Cardio is still an important factor of training even though golfers aren’t running or jumping a lot. Golfers still need to have their cardio level up so that they can maintain walking from the holes. A fast walk on the treadmill or a moderately paced ride on a stationary bike can be great off season exercises for golfers. Specific weight training can also be beneficial for athletes looking to get better for their season. Lift weights in ways that will mimic golf movements, as well as strengthen the muscles used to play golf. A lot of athletes like to have trainers to work out with them and keep them in shape during the off season. Professional golfers who (like Phil Mickelson) have won the PGA tournament, rely heavily on their off season to help them become better athletes. Thanks to their productive off seasons, some of them are even able to become winners. Jason Day is a more recent PGA champion from 2015, and he won $1.8...

How To Prepare For A PGA Tour

Playing in a competitive golf tournament is stressful and physically demanding. In order to play your best following the advice of Jack Nicklaus who once said, “The difference between being nervous and scared is being prepared.” The question then becomes just how should you prepare for your next tournament? Preparation should follow three distinct paths. One is mental, another physical, and the last is logistical. The game of golf itself is mostly a mental game so preparing emotionally is very important. Some golfers like Phil_Mickelson have found meditation techniques work well to help calm themselves and reduce the impact that stress has on their bodies. Stress releases a flood of hormones into the body that can affect your swing, putting, and the ease the jitters. Mindfulness techniques work to help you get over a bad shot by living in the present and knowing whatever has occurred in the past is gone. Mentally telling yourself that it is okay, and you’ll nail the next shot is important. Also, reward yourself with a discreet fist pump or a silent “attaboy” when you make a good shot. Fear is often the result of the unknown. If possible, arrive at your tournament early and play a few practice rounds without the pressure of competition to gain a familiarity with the course’s layout and quirks. If you work with a swing coach you may want to have them on hand to help you make any minor adjustments. Also, playing alongside someone you know on a personal level can help you relax. Physical conditioning is a very important component of preparation for a tournament. Many...

Men’s College Lacrosse Teams

A great example of a stellar lacrosse team and program is the Loyola Greyhounds of the University of Maryland. They are a Division one program who won the entire NCAA tournament in 2012, as well as winning there conference in 2014. They have seen 22 NCAA tournament appearances starting in 1979 and feature recent standout players like Sean Hecker.

Success Beyond Sports: How athletic skills give former collegiate players a leg-up in the professional world

Success Beyond Sports: How athletic skills give former collegiate players a leg-up in the professional world

The financial services industry is a great realm for former and current athletes to take advantage of their fine-tuned quick decision-making, strategy development and game plan execution skills. Sean Hecker, former lacrosse captain at Loyola University in Maryland, has been excelling at his work in the international steel trading industry for the past four years. Today, with a leadership position at Redstar Industries LLC, Hecker utilizes his skills obtained as an athlete in both the sales and financial realms.