Men’s College Lacrosse Teams

A great example of a stellar lacrosse team and program is the Loyola Greyhounds of the University of Maryland. They are a Division one program who won the entire NCAA tournament in 2012, as well as winning there conference in 2014. They have seen 22 NCAA tournament appearances starting in 1979 and feature recent standout players like Sean Hecker.

Success Beyond Sports: How athletic skills give former collegiate players a leg-up in the professional world

Success Beyond Sports: How athletic skills give former collegiate players a leg-up in the professional world

The financial services industry is a great realm for former and current athletes to take advantage of their fine-tuned quick decision-making, strategy development and game plan execution skills. Sean Hecker, former lacrosse captain at Loyola University in Maryland, has been excelling at his work in the international steel trading industry for the past four years. Today, with a leadership position at Redstar Industries LLC, Hecker utilizes his skills obtained as an athlete in both the sales and financial realms.

Golf Club Memberships and Events

Golf has been one of the most popular games in America and around the world for many years now. It is a great sport for individuals to get into that they can participate in for many years of their lives. It is also a great way to socialize with individuals and create long lasting friendships. There are many different places to play golf around the world, and it is important to know about the different golf memberships and events in your area. Here in this article we will share some information with you that will help you learn more about golf memberships and events. Golf memberships vary from location to location. There are many country clubs around the world, and golf memberships at these locations are going to be different than at a normal golf club. When you want to become a member of a country club, you must first have a sponsor. This sponsor will help you by inviting you to be a member of the club. This will give you full access to the club, as long as you pay your monthly or yearly fees. Country clubs are a great place to not only play golf, but to build long standing relationships with individuals in your community. There are many other golf clubs in different areas as well. There are municipal courses where the rates are lowers, and then there are privately owned courses where the rates are slightly higher. By finding the right golf course, you will be able to find a membership plan that works for you. By asking individuals in your community, or searching...