Eating Healthy for that Beach Body

Eating Healthy for that Beach Body

Summer is quickly approaching and with that comes the panic and fear (for some) of being in a swimsuit again. Winter has helped hide some of the holiday weight gain or just winter weight gain in general, but with warmer temperatures comes less clothing…so it is time to prepare your body. Many think exercise alone will get you in the shape you want to be in, but the role of your diet is just as important. What you eat immensely affects how you look and feel.

It is true what they say…”breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Beginning your day on a healthy note sets a good precedence for the rest of your day. It, also, helps control cravings that you may have later in the day and are not as capable of fending off. Your breakfast should consist of protein and fiber to help you fill up and stay full. Foods such as yogurt, eggs and oatmeal are great staples in a good breakfast. Adding berries to your yogurt or cottage cheese to your scrambled eggs makes it that much healthier and tastier.

Your lunch should fill you up enough to make it through the day, but not stuff you to the point of falling asleep at your desk. Salads with lean meats like turkey and chicken are excellent options that do not add a ton of calories. Be careful of salad toppings though because calories can add up fast. Going light on cheese and nixing the croutons can help drop the pounds and keep them off. If salad is not a favorite, try a turkey or chicken breast sandwich on whole grain bread with veggies and mustard.

Dinner should once again satisfy, but not stuff. Eating lean meat or fish aids in the feeling full sensation without packing on the calories. Throw some steamed, grilled or raw vegetables on the side and a a small portion of potatoes or pasta and you have a well-balanced meal. An important factor in dinner is eating it a few hours before going to bed; not right before bed.

Following a healthy meal is ideal, but for those times certain temptations cannot be avoided remember portion control. Portion size is equally important to what foods are actually going in the body. If you eat smaller portions and healthier portions, your beach body should arrive just in time.