Sports Supplements aren’t just for Athletes

Enhancing Video Gamers Performance
It has been discovered that some of Mannatech’s health supplements just might have the ability to enhance overall video game performance. Mannatech’s Ambrotose powder supplements have shown to shown an improvement for the player in the following:

  • focus
  • attention for adults
  • memory for adults

These are some of the improvements that have been noticed with the Mannatech’s Ambrotose powders and performance of those who play video games. Sports supplements are not only for athletes; they appear to be beneficial for gamers too.

Providing Support for Key Performance Factors
The global innovator holds some solid beliefs about the Ambrotose supplement powders. This is the innovators of these naturally sourced supplements. The belief includes that supporting performance factors does occur for those who take these powders. This is based on Real Food Technology solutions. It is believed that the support of attention during video game playing is a positive outcome. This is also true for providing added support for overall memory. The effect on overall player performance that is provided with the Ambrotose supplement powders can be very positive. This positive outcome can prove to be excellent for the following:

  • competitive e-sports players
  • for those who are playing their favorite game while trying to take out the bad guys

There seems to be some very good supporting effects in performance factors for those who take the naturally sourced supplements and enjoy playing video games.

Clinical Research at Mannatech and Human Clinical Trials
There has been clinical research at Mannatech completed that offers their views on video game performance and the benefits with the Ambrotose supplement powders. Peer reviewed journals have offered some solid discoveries about Ambrotose powders. These findings include:

  • have a positive impact on brainwaves and attention (in young adults)
  • offer an improvement in overall memory (in middle-aged individuals)
  • offer an increase in overall alertness

Other Studies and Findings
There has been some other studies on Ambrotose powder. These previous studies found the following positive effects. They include:

  • boost in memory
  • boost in focus
  • boost in attention
  • actual perceived positive changes in well-being

The Enhanced Enjoyment in Video Game Playing
Dr. Rolando Maddela is the Director of Clinical Research and Scientific Affairs at Mannatech. According to some of the previous studies and the doctor, it has been claimed that some individuals who play video games and include the Ambrotose powder may actually experience an overall enhanced video game experience. These players might even have a competitive advantage as well as a much more enjoyable video playing experience with the supplement.